Year 6 PSHCE Ed home learning

Children have been learning about Relationships and Sex. It is not appropriate for them to undertake any work on this topic outside of the classroom where there are strict ground rules and an experienced educator. This is also the case for the Summer term unit on illegal drugs. Instead, it may may be more valuable for them to revisit the work done in Years 4 and 5 on alcohol and cigarettes. They could also consider the effect of the media on body image, along with effective handling of social media, though these may need some unpacking. Please mail if you need support with this. Any of these activities will develop this understanding.




  • Make a poster encouraging teenagers to think about the risks of trying cigarettes. Can they resist pressure to try but still keep friends with their peer group? The poster needs to be factually accurate, relating the short term risk of addiction to the longer term health risks. Just say NO doesn’t work for teenagers as they are likely to do things they are told not to.