Year 5 PSHCE Ed home learning

Use the Y456 making decisions lesson and Y456 decision resource 1 and Y456 decision resource 2 to find out about making decisions. Jeremy is struggling a bit with what food to gobble up first so Camilla lends a hand in his latest video (find it on his page in Home Learning).


Use the Y5 dental health lesson and Y5 dental health resources to remind yourselves about dental hygiene. Jeremy could do with a few reminders himself (check out his latest video on his page in home learning). Happy brushing!


Use the Y5 sleep powerpoint 1 to guide you through a short lesson on sleep. Try not to doze off while you are doing it! You will need these fact sheets and the fact file…

sleep fact sheet 1

sleep fact sheet 2

sleep fact sheet 3

sleep fact sheet 4

sleep factfile Y5


Children have been learning about legal drugs, focussing on cigarettes. They should be able to explain the long and short term effects of smoking, why this drug is legal but not safe and how addiction works via the story of Thomas in the snow. Prior to this they learnt about the struggle for human rights. Any of these activities will develop this understanding.



  • Researching the struggle for human rights can be pretty harrowing but if you put for kids at the end of the search it should bring up results that are fairly suitable. Nelson Mandela and the story of reconciliation in South Africa is incredible. The film Invictus is a great family film (especially for rugby fans) but is a 13 age rating due to one or two swear words.


  • Make a poster encouraging teenagers to think about the risks of trying cigarettes. Can they resist pressure to try but still keep friends with their peer group? The poster needs to be factually accurate, relating the short term risk of addiction to the longer term health risks. Just say NO doesn’t work for teenagers as they are likely to do things they are told not to.