Year 4 PSHCE Ed home learning

Children have been learning about Healthy Lifestyles which includes looking at how processed “junk” food is advertised and the impact that has on young people’s choices and their self image. We have also been learning about alcohol. Any of these activities will develop this understanding.


  • Design, and draw the package for, a brand new healthy snack. Write the ingredients and describe why it is healthy. Film an advert for the snack marketed at a child their age.


  • Make a poster of pictures and words explaining about the dangers of eating too much processed food. They can use the poem recited in class – yummy yummy, salty salty, oily oily… – as a guide for the key points.


  • Record and watch some food adverts. Discuss together who they are aimed at, whether they are being entirely truthful, and how they might make people feel.