Y5 PSHCE Ed home learning

Children have been learning about asking the right people for help this term. This has included role playing making an emergency call and learning that making fake calls can put other people’s lives at risk. Any of these activities will develop this understanding.


  • discuss types of emergency situations, choose one and practice role playing an emergency call with your child. They will need to firstly choose the correct service, then be able to give their address clearly. Try filming it and evaluating it together, reminding them that a grown up should always make this call if possible, and that fake calls put people’s lives at risk.


  • design a poster that will show through pictures a range of emergency situations and some non emergency situations (eg: lost your teddy, got a headache).


  • We read a story about Little Rabbit who got lost in a theme park (Rabbit World). Draw a picture of Little Rabbit when he realises he is lost. Label it with how he is feeling (butterflies in his tummy, heart pounding, crying etc) and have some other rabbits be giving him advice written in speech bubbles.