Year 3 PSHCE Ed home learning

Use the LESSON – KS1 Home learning – Relationships – Our Special People and Resource 1 – My special people spidergram , Resource 2 – Ways we care for special people  to find out about how to recognise and strengthen the relationships you have with people around you. I think Jeremy could do with a bit of help on being more polite to his neighbours. Keep an ear out for him and Geoffrey on TJI radio.


Use the Mental health (Year 3-4 ) – Home learning lesson and Resource 1 worksheet – Feelings match up , Resource 1A worksheet – Feelings match up – parent guide , Resource 2 worksheet – Body outline to find out about how to keep ourselves safe and well mentally. Jeremy has a few words to say on the subject (find it on his page in Home Learning) but let’s be honest, his brain is not as well developed as his tummy! Parents and carers – please read the guidance from the PSHE Association before teaching about mental health. You can access it from the powerpoint.

Use the Y123 making decisions lesson and Y123 decisions resource 1 and Y123 decisions resource 2 to find out about making decisions. Jeremy is struggling a bit with what food to gobble up first so Camilla lends a hand in his latest video (find it on his page in Home Learning).

Use the Y3 dental health lesson and Y3 dental health resources to remind yourselves about dental hygiene. Jeremy could do with a few reminders himself (check out his latest video on his page in home learning). Happy brushing!


Use the Y3 sleep powerpoint 1 to guide you through a short lesson on sleep. Try not to doze off while you are doing it! You will need these fact sheets and the fact file…

sleep fact sheet 1

sleep fact sheet 2

sleep fact sheet 3

sleep factfile Y3


Children are currently studying safety at home and school. Earlier in the year we looked at friendship. Any of these activities will develop this understanding.