Music work for KS1

Online Music Lesson 1. for Foundation Stage and Year 1.


Online Music Lesson 2 for Year 2.

Music work for KS1

Instruments of the orchestra

Below are 4 PowerPoint which teach you about the four different sections of an orchestra.  There are lots of links to YouTube clips.  Anything that is green is a link so press on them to listen to the clips and discover all about the instruments of the orchestra.

Instruments+of+the+Orchestra percussion

Instruments+of+the+Orchestra String

Instruments+of+the+Orchestra Wind

Instruments+of+the+Orchestra brass

Rhythm Cards

Rhythm cards powerpoint

Get some pots and pans and have fun drumming the rhythm cards using wooden spoons.  You can even teach your family how to read music!

Pulse and Rhythm work

Design and Technology                   

You can create your own instrument out of junk and download the rhythm cards and play your instrument.  You also know how to compose music, so you could write your own piece and play it.  Make sure you give your instrument a name!


You all know how to write your own composition, so write one out and then get some pots and pans and wooden spoons and try to play your composition!  Be creative and teach your parents how to play as well!

KS1 Singing

Why don’t you learn a song that you like and practice it to sing to your family and have a little concert.  Perhaps everyone in your house could sing a song and you could have a karaoke session together as a family!

Researching a Composer

Why not research a famous composer and make a poster/PowerPoint/fact file all about the things you find out.

Here are some great composers you could find out about:

Beethoven (he went deaf)

John Williams (he wrote star wars)

Howard Blake (he wrote the snowman)

Mozart (a true genius/ a bit crazy and he spent more than he earned!)

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