BBC 10 Pieces Enrichment Week 2020

BBC 10 Pieces Art and Music Enrichment Week 2020

The children have really enjoyed the enrichment week working on their creative art skills.  They have listened to a piece of classical music and responded to this using different art forms including, composting, drawing, painting and modelling.  They have researched a classical composer and famous artist and created posters and power-points showing the knowledge they have gained.  Children have been inspired to write poetry, stories and create dramas and dances from hearing the music.  This week has been so much fun for everyone in school and below are the pictures taken during the week.

Foundation – In the Hall of the Mountain King

Year 1 – Mars from The Planets

Year 2 – The Storm

Year 3 – Toccata and Fugue


Year 4 – Firebird

Year 5 – Beethoven 5th Symphony

Year 6 – War of the Worlds


Alien sounds created by Year 6 on Audacity.