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3ER Home learning please click on the links below.


There are some fantastic online Maths lessons which cover the things we would have been learning about this half term on the White Rose Maths Home Learning website. There are videos for you to watch and activities for you to complete if you want to. Start with week 1:


***Exciting news about reading!***

We have gained a subscription for an online reading set of thousands of books which you will have access to over the summer.

Go to and enter your login information:
  1.          a. School Name: Thornhill Junior and Infant School
     (type the first few letters of your school and select from the drop-down menu)
    b. Username: thornhill055student
    c. Password: read
  2. Click on the Sign In button, select a book, and start reading!
Kirklees library – Another free resource for online books is through Kirklees library.
Parents you can join the library using this link:
You can then borrow books using this link:

Oxford owl –Support your reading habit without paying a penny or taking a trip to the library with this website that has free books to read online.

All you have to do is sign up as a teacher (FREE) and you can access all of the free books. It’s super easy to use and it separates them by age!

The Oak National Academy

Some very clever teachers have got together and created some lessons for you to access. We have looked at some of them and they are good but we did have trouble getting a few of them to work. There are some glitches which will be ironed out in the foreseeable future.

There are Maths and English lessons every day and they are sequential so it is best to start at the beginning and work your way through.

English and Maths have their own sections but all other subjects are grouped in a section called Foundation. The link below will take you to the schedule but you can click on subject at the top right to allow to search for lessons in this way if you prefer.

The Oak National Academy link to the schedule


Mr Beaumont’s PSHCE Ed lessons for the next two weeks are all about relationships. You can find the links in the PSHCE Ed pages in Home Learning on our own class page. Previous activities can still be found underneath.

Here is a special message from Mr Simons about the Thornhill radio show.

Be a radio journalist! 

He would like children to write into the email with songs, shout-outs, quiz questions and jokes.  The password for the page is Thornhill.

Week 17 Commencing 13th July 2020

Monday 13th July

Tuesday 14th July

Wednesday 15th July

Thursday 16th July

Friday 17th July

On Tuesday, every class is given an allocated time to collect their end of year report (time to collect 11.30 – 3B gate 2 and 3ER gate 1).

A reply slip will also be attached to the report, we would appreciate any feedback or comments from you or the pupil.

Week 16 Commencing 6th July 2020

Monday 6th July

Tuesday 7th July

Wednesday 8th July

Thursday 9th July

Friday 10th July

Week 15 Commencing 29th June 2020

Monday 29th June 2020

Tuesday 30th June 2020

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Friday 3rd July 2020

Week 14 Commencing 22nd June 2020

Week 13 Commencing 15th June 2020

Monday 15th June
Tuesday 16th June
Wednesday 17th June
Thursday 18th June
Friday 19th June
Mr Beaumont’s PSHCE Ed lessons for the next two weeks are all about mental health. Jeremy experiences a range of emotions, especially when it comes to cake. You can find the links in the PSHCE Ed pages in Home Learning on our own class page. Previous activities can still be found underneath.

Week 11 Commencing 1st June 2020
We would love to know what you’ve been up to.  You can contact us via the school’s email address .

Week 10 Commencing 25th May 2020
Optional challenges 

If you choose to do any of these exciting projects, please take a photo or quick video of them and send to so we can share your fantastic learning.

Week 9 Commencing 18th May 2020
Monday 18th May 2020
Tuesday 19th May 2020
Wednesday 20th May 2020
Thursday 21st May 2020
Friday 22nd May 2020

Mr Beaumont’s PSHCE Ed lesson this week is all about making decisions and Jeremy’s trying to work out what to eat first in his latest video. You can find the links in the PSHCE Ed pages in Home Learning on our own class page. Previous activities can still be found underneath.

Week 8 Commencing 11th May 2020






Mr Beaumont’s PSHCE Ed lesson this week is all about your teeth. You can find it in the PSHCE Ed pages in Home Learning – we have our own class page there. Previous activities can still be found underneath. Jeremy will give you a useful (er, maybe not) introduction to the topic if you head to his page in Home Learning first.

Week 7 Commencing 4th May 2020

VE Day project sheet

Monday 4th May

Tuesday 5th May

Wednesday 6th May

Thursday 7th May

Friday 8th May

Mr Beaumont’s PSHCE Ed lesson this week is all about sleep (don’t start yawning!) You can find it on our class page in the PSHCE Ed pages in the Home Learning. Previous activities can still be found underneath. Don’t forget to check out Jeremy’s page in Home Learning for tutorials and general silliness.

Week 6 Commencing 27th April 2020

Monday 27th April

Tuesday 28th April

Wednesday 29th April

Thursday 30th April

Friday 1st May


Download Dance E-jay and create your own music

8th of May is the 75th anniversary of VE Day and Mr Beaumont & Mr Simons are putting together a special video & want your help. Please send in pictures or short videos of you doing an activity or holding up a picture or even a wave to: for Mr Simons.

Week 5 Commencing 20th April 2020

Monday-20th-April Home Learning

Tuesday-21st-April Home Learning

Wednesday-22nd-April Home Learning

Thursday-23rd-April Home Learning

Friday-24th-April Home Learning

Week 3 and 4 Commencing 6th April – 17th April 2020

Easter project sheet

Week 2 Commencing 30th March 2020

Year 3 Calculation Policy

Monday 30th March Home Learning

Tuesday 31st March Home Learning

Wednesday 1st April Home Learning

Thursday 2nd April Home Learning

Friday 3rd April Home Learning


We would love to know what you’ve been up to!  You can contact us via the school’s email address and put FAO Miss Rylance or Mrs Etchells as the subject.

Week Commencing 23rd March 2020

Monday 23rd March Home Learning

Tuesday 24th March Home Learning

Wednesday 25th March Home Learning

Thursday 26th March Home Learning

Friday 27th March Home Learning

Extra Activities

Year 3 Home Learning March 2020


Staff: Mrs Etchells, Miss Rylance and Mrs Jakymowytch

Welcome to 3ER’s class webpage!

We are a class of 29 intelligent and amazing children! Our teachers are Mrs Etchells and Miss Rylance and on a morning we have help from Mrs Jakymowytch. We are concentrating on working together as a team along with 3B to ensure we have a hardworking, friendly and well behaved team of year 3 children! Our classroom is a fun learning environment where we encourage children to enjoy their learning.

This year we are learning all about past civilizations and what lies beneath the surface of the earth, countries and societies around the world and what it was like being a Roman. We have lots of exciting activities and events planned across the school year to enhance these fantastic topics, so please keep an eye on newsletters and social media for dates and times!

We have P.E. on Wednesday afternoons. Please ensure that your child has a P.E kit at school for these days. P.E this year is taught by Mr McMahon.

On a Wednesday afternoon, we have singing practise with the rest of year 3 and year 4 with Mr Simons. We will also be taking part in learning to play the violin, on a Wednesday afternoon.

We have Mr Beaumont for P.S.H.C.E. on a Tuesday afternoon.

Spelling Tests
Your child will be tested each Friday on the spellings that they have been learning as part of their homework.

Homework is handed out on a Friday and needs to be returned to school by the following Wednesday. Your child would also benefit from reading at home, at least three times a week.

How to help your child
Please ensure that your child brings their reading diaries into school every day and reads at least three times a week at home. It is also important that children complete their homework on time and support should be given to children as necessary. By the end of Y3 it is expected that children will know most of their times tables so regular practice of these would also be beneficial. Reading books and researching the topics we will be covering would also be really useful.

We have an open door policy so if you ever need to speak to one of the teachers, please call in before or after school, telephone or go to the office to make an appointment.

We are really excited about working with your children this year, introducing them to Key Stage 2 life and helping them progress in all curriculum areas throughout the year!