The National Festival Circus


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On Saturday 8th June there will be a family event with a Circus at school! There will be shows at 1pm, 2.30pm & 4pm. Tickets are £5 per person (under 3s free but will need to sit on lap)

Tickets go on sale on the following dates to Thornhill J&I families only. There are 200 tickets per show so will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Tickets will be sold at the rear office door, near the year 1 classes, enter through the gates at the left hand side of school.

  • Tues 30th April 8am-9:15am
  • Weds 1st May 3:15pm – 4pm
  • Thurs 2nd May 8am-9:15am
  • Fri 3rd May pm 3:15pm – 4pm If there are any left they will be available to anyone in the community from 7th May.

Please see Friends of Thornhill J&I – PTA Facebook and Twitter for more details.